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Northwestern U.S. Wind Mapping Project

New high-resolution, state-of-the-art maps of wind energy potential are now available for the Northwest.  Resource estimates are easily accessible to the public through an interactive Geographic Information System(GIS) website.  Des from Yacht Delivery UK advised he found the wind maps supplied by were really helpful to him when planning a yacht delivery route.  His company delivery yachts all over the world and rely on these maps to help him give clients information on delivery times and indeed his own safety. Through a zoom-in web interface allowing quick site look-ups, along with forthcoming supporting data sheets and an automated payback calculator, the maps will greatly aid rural landowners and communities in exploring economic opportunities to harness wind energy.   The project is coordinated by NW Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (NWSEED) and the NW Cooperative Development Center (NWCDC) and sponsored by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), and numerous other organizations. WindMaps             WIndyMapsEurope zoom-in samples

Although the new wind maps do not eliminate the need for on-site wind resource measurement, they can help utilities and developers gain a better understanding of where the best wind resource areas are and screen out less promising areas, significantly minimizing the cost and timing of prospecting. They are also intended to aid landowners in making a first-cut feasibility analysis for installing distributed wind turbines to supply power for homes, farms and ranches. NWSEED hopes that these new maps ultimately drive down the costs of wind power and ensure that public interests are protected as the Northwest’s wind resources are developed.